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areas bed and breakfast
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The Area

Along Galicia’s northwestern coastline, in an area called A COSTA DA MORTE (Death Coast), is Carnota with its beautiful, calm beaches and a scenic view of the famous Cabo Finisterre, recently named a EUROPEAN PATRIMONY.

AREAS BED & BREAKFAST is nestled in the little beach side town of O’Pindo, with its beautiful white sand beach, fishing port and the famous Monte Pindo (also known as “ A Moa”). Considered the “Celtic Mt. Olympus” of the region, Monte Pindo has great hiking trails ascending to the top of the mountain, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Galician coastline. At the foot of Monte Pindo lies the Xallas river, the only river in Europe, which ends as a waterfall to the ocean, and which can only be enjoyed certain days of the year.

At the port of Lira, you can experience a day of fishing with local fishermen on their fishing boats.

In Carnota is the largest stone hórreo, a long and narrow grain store, in Galicia. Carnota also boasts Galicia’s largest beach. The stretch of sand found at Carnota extends over 7 kilometers (about 5 miles) in length and unlike many of the region’s other beaches directly faces the open sea.